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Innovative machine design

Efficient predusting: The Powder has been designed to predust as evenly and economically as possible. Extremely robust, easy to clean and with its detachable powder container, this high-quality preduster meets the   highest European standards of hygiene. Combined with the Belt special tray cleaning machine, predusting can be performed directly after the trays have been cleaned. But the Powder is also suited as   a stand-alone machine for all toppings in powder form. When intended as part of an automatic system installed in a bakery production line, we customise it to your individual requirements.

Compelling arguments

  • Even application over the entire width
  • Application quantity can be accurately set
  • Also suitable for very small application quantities
  • Removable powder container
  • Very easy to use and maintenance-free
  • Hygiene design

Proven uses

  • For predusting trays and items to be baked
  • Can be used for any powder-type dressings
  • Excellent for flour
  • Standard width 800 mm up to 2,000 mm

Efficient dusting

  • Precise dosage of dressing quantity
  • Special sensors so that start and end of dusting can be optimally adjusted
  • Easily adapted to various dressings, such as poppy seed, flour and sesame, etc.
  • High throughput of approx. 1,200 traysper hour