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Universal Baking Tray Cleaning Machine

BELT Universal

Innovative machine design

With a cleaning performance of around 1,200 trays per hour, it removes flour, sesame seed, poppy seed and baking residue extremely efficiently. The basic version,
which is manually fed, consists of a cleaning and conveyor unit. The machine is manufactured from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and superior plastics and complies with the high European hygiene standards.

The machine can be configured for any cleaning task thanks to a multitude of options.

Compelling arguments

  • The latest cleaning technology
  • For high numbers of baking trays
  • Specially manufactured belt brushes adapt ideally to the contours of the baking trays
  • Brushes work in the opposite direction to one another and clean moulds and channels particularly thoroughly
  • Complies with current hygiene standards
  • Easy to use, low-maintenance and fail-safe

Proven uses

  • Flat baking trays with up to 4 rims
  • Baguette trays with and without frame
  • Burger trays
  • For perforated and unperforated trays
  • For coated and uncoated trays
  • Cleaning width: 400–1000 m

Your economic benefits

  • Flexible cleaning system for various different baking trays
  • Increase in quality
  • Reduction in complaints
  • Increase in the service life of the baking trays
  • No requirement for external tray cleaning
  • Energy saving compared to wet cleaning
  • Reduction of the cleaning effort thanks to powerful dry cleaning

Product Video